A SaaS business is a business that has access to an application and further hosts that application in order to make it available for a wide range of customers across the internet. A SaaS business is committed to providing to its users that particular application or service and make it accessible to a huge range of customers or users of that application scattered over a large area. These customers can avail of the benefits of this application sitting in different parts of the globe as the application is uploaded online by the SaaS business which acts as the host of the application.

SaaS merely stands for Software as a Service and thus SaaS business provides the software of the application to the users of the application as a service that they can avail. This can further be explained in simple words, a SaaS business is the creator of the application and the application is uploaded on their server.

This application which is uploaded on their server is used by customers across the globe and they can use this application for their benefits. A SaaS business maintains a bunch of technical means to allow the application to be used legally and ethically along with keeping it secure on its server.

The business maintains databases of the users of the application, the server on which the application is uploaded and the software that allows the application to be uploaded on the internet and we used by a wide range of audience. The customers of SaaS business usually pay a subscription fee, which mostly is due monthly, in order to use the facilities of the application.

These subscriptions are due sometimes also on the basis of the data used by the consumers. this subscription fee makes up the majority of the revenue of the SaaS business. Thus, aSaaS business uploads an application online and extend the application to its users.