Influencer marketing refers to a form of social media marketing of an organization in which products or services of that organization are endorsed by influencers, people and even organizations that have a market presence and can help in the positive publicity of a particular good or service that the business produces.

Businesses aim at connecting with these influencers as they either have an expert level of knowledge or a huge amount of social influence which can drive people to use the products that they endorse in their particular fields and arenas. This type of marketing is also known as influence marketing as this type of marketing is based on the influence that the influencers have on the lives of the target consumers of the good or service.

This type of marketing is a perfect blend of modern and traditional marketing methods and takes into account the aspects of both marketing tools. This is because influencer marketing incorporates the means of the traditional celebrity endorsement marketing and adds the modern touch of content-driving marketing campaigns that aim at optimizing SEO techniques and the influencer’s market influence to market a company’s products.

The main difference between the traditional and modern methods and the concept of influencer marketing is that the results of influencer marketing are driven by the campaigns and collaborations between the company and the influencers.

A striking difference between the celebrity endorsements and influencer endorsements is that unlike celebrities, the influencer can be anyone and can be anywhere. Influencers are just normal people who just have a great amount of social presence in the market and have the power to influence a large part of society.

Influencer marketing thus has a very organic reach as they are normal people who deal with normal lives and this reach helps in larger publicity of the products or services.