Business-to-consumer marketing or B2C marketing refers to the strategies a company uses to promote its products and services to people. Business- to- consumer marketing is used to create, advertise and sell products for customers to use in their everyday livelihood. Business to consumer marketing also includes a lot of strategies, techniques, and tools which are used by companies that sell products directly to the consumers to promote the products.

Business to consumer campaigns don’t just focus on the benefit or the value of the product but also it believes in invoking an emotional response from the customers. Business to consumer marketing works on the basis that the consumers would be looking for products to match their immediate needs. Therefore, they tend to buy these products without much research.

With the business to consumer marketing buys users generally tend to buy the product within the first hours or days of knowing the product or the service. To be successful in business- to- consumer campaign the business owner should understand their consumer’s buying habits, the trends in the market and what strategies their competitors use.

Business- to- consumer marketing is important for all the businesses that sell consumer-based products or services. These include restaurants, drug stores, car companies, fashion businesses, software companies, grocery stores and so on and so forth.

Nowadays the internet is the best platform for business- to- consumer to promote their goods or services and for conducting market research. In business- to- consumer marketing the goal of the consumers is personal improvement. Business- to- consumer marketing wants and also has a single, simple-step buying process.

Business- to- consumer marketing campaigns are generally concerned with transaction. For example, the goal of an email campaign for business- to- consumers company is to buy the product immediately