Business promotions are the activity of communicating with a large public while attempting to influence the masses to buy the products or services of a particular business. A business can also promote itself through the various means of business promotions.

A very usual way of promoting a business or a product or a service is by trying to bring it to the forefront to get maximum attention of the target audience in the hope that the audience will act in the manner as desired by us, that is, they will be influenced to buy the products or service and end up buying it, thus increasing our sales and helping us achieve our goal of promoting our business.

Business promotions can be done at varying levels and degrees. It can be done at a small level which becomes very personal in nature in the form of direct selling wherein the seller goes personally to people and convince them about the positives of his/her products or services. Another form of business promotion is the one that can happen at a medium scale in retail stores which can include sampling or preparing contests as some activities for the people visiting the market.

Digitalization has also enabled another major forum for business promotions as now businesses, products, and services can also be promoted through various online platforms like a website or messages or emails or even various social media platforms. These are a few of the many ways to enable business promotion.

A very important characteristic of business promotion is the intention to influence the buyer to purchase one product or service of a particular seller. Business promotion mainly aims to create awareness about a business and its products and thus achieve the larger goal of increased profits by means of increased sales. Thus, business promotion is pivotal to the success of all businesses.