Social media has become like a second home for the majority of the people. People usually spend about a minimum of three to four hours a day on social media and thus marketing on social media becomes very important.

Another important aspect of social media marketing becomes the tracking of marketing efforts. It becomes very easy for sellers to directly track the results of social media marketing with the help of certain tools. One of the most popular tools is hashtags.

The hashtag is a word of a phrase beginning with the hashtag sign which is usually attached to a piece of social media content. A hashtag helps in enhancing the discoverability of social media content. It is a similar concept to SEO for websites, except this is limited to social media.

The basic idea for attaching a hashtag is to make it easy for consumers to identify and find the products based on themes. Consumers can search for a theme of content and are made available all the options that fall within that theme with the help of hashtags. The best hashtag tracking tools are as follows:

1. Hastagsforlikes: This detects the most common and widely searched hashtag based on the category you usually search for or the pages you follow or even the posts you like.

2. Taggbox: It is an aggregation tool for social media that allows you to gather a track quality content from various social media platforms and integrate it into a single feed.

3. RiteTag: It is a part of RiteKit and is a hashtag tracking and performance measurement tool which analyzes the hashtags that are the most trending ones.

4. Hashtagify: It has various interesting features like user engagement, trend analysis, relevant hashtag suggestions for the user and even a hashtags keyword cloud.

5. Hashtracking: This is a very basic, simple and easy hashtag tracking tool that helps in real-time tracking of the hashtags.

These tracking tools help in keeping a track of the tangible efforts of hashtags as a part of social media marketing.