B2B Marketing or Business to Business Marketing is a situation where a business enters into a commercial transaction with another business. This includes all kinds of commercial transactions, mainly the marketing of goods from one business to the other for various purposes like production, which means use of the primary goods as raw material; normal use in business, which means the use of goods as office supplies; and for resale purposes, which means the use of the primary goods by the buying business and selling it again either by means of value addition or directly, depending on the business.

These marketing strategies can come in a lot of forms ranging from subscriptions, tools or even office supplies that are supplied by one business, who manufactures them to another, who needs them and thereby uses them. This type of marketing is pretty different from the marketing between businesses and customers as this type of marketing does not aim at increasing sales and creating a market for their brand and on the contrary, is more informative and straightforward as the main aim is to create awareness about the products of a company and not glorify them.

The main reason behind these marketing strategies being simple is that these transactions are based solely on the bottom-line revenue impact and nothing else. The corporate decision-makers focus largely on the return on investment ratio which is not a contention in the marketing done towards customers. B2B marketing campaigns aim to capture the individuals who have control influence over their purchasing decisions. There are various types of business to business marketing which range from social media to blogs to emails. Majority businesses cater to both business to business as well as business to customers sales and thus take into account marketing strategies for both the sales.