Branding is the allocation of a company’s credentials like their name, logo, tagline, etc. to their products. This is the process that sets apart the products of a company from its competitors. Unlike marketing, branding does not take into account the customer feedback and reaction, rather it concentrates solely on the creation of a brand-loyalty among the consumers and the company which thereby leads to the creation of a long-term consumer base for the company.

The brand name is usually promoted through the company’s advertisements, commercials and various other marketing strategies that the company might adhere to. Branding is an essential process for start-ups as it is only by branding that the visibility of these start-ups can be created in the market. Considering that the start-ups are new business ventures and involve the creation of a name attached to their brand in order to create a consumer base and create some sort of customer-loyalty with the new customers, it is extremely vital for start-ups to take up the right branding strategies in order to become a successful player in the market.

The key step in branding for start-ups is the acknowledgment and a comprehensive study of their target market. Start-ups are required to do an in-depth study of the audience that they wish to target for their products, this usually depends on the group of people who are most likely to use the product that you are creating.

Another important branding technique exclusive to start-ups is your unique story. While branding a start-up, people will not know about your company and are very likely to ignore it, so in order to grab the attention of the target audience, you will have to sell your story to them, story regarding the creation of the start-up and the motive behind creating it. These are some of the prime tools essential for the branding of a start-up.