The unique way your company brands itself and its mission online is your Digital DNA and its importance are a given. Yet even today the strategies that organizations, ranging from the mom-and-pop hardware store to the multinational, employ vary significantly. And it’s easy to see why – the advice market is saturated! Post daily on Facebook. Write a newsletter for your email base. Create a homepage that awes. However, your Digital DNA begins with your website and here are three tips that every company, regardless of scale, should check off when crafting their website.

Bolstering Brand Identity: Treat your company website the way you would treat your storefront. From the second individual’s click-through, treat them to the tone you wish to associate with your brand. For this reason, it is important to have an “About Us” section that transcends what you sell. If the general attitude of your company is humorous and relaxed, a light and open approach to this section with fun facts about employees will help personalize your brand. If your company is results-driven, consider citing historical sales figures or statistics directly linked to your industry. These subtle acknowledgments of your corporate tone will help strengthen brand associations for all those who visit your site.

Constructing a Communications Hub: Another important step in optimizing a website is confirming that all of your digital publications and social network channels are directly linked to your website. Your website is Grand Central Station for your digital content. Every e-newsletter associated with your company and every social media portal (Facebook, Integra, Twitter, etc.) should be directly accessible from your website. This step expands resources for interested buyers, it offers loyal followers new channels to your company, and it reminds customers of touch-points they can use to access your material. An individual who stumbles upon your newsletter through your website might just decide to sign up!

Internal Consistency: Regardless of which page on your website a person explores; from a sales page to your contact page to your own company’s blog, it should be evident to the reader that a singular voice is behind it. You should standardize; tone, post length, color schemes, and graphics, across all pages. Greet them with a uniform voice. Individuals may reach your website through a search-engine click, a banner ad, a URL from a separate site, or an old-fashioned browser query. Use this simple question for reviewing individual pages, “If this is the first and the only page a visitor sees, am I comfortable with that?” Because there are so many entry points to your website there is a good chance a visitor will never see your homepage.

To sum it up the three tips listed above are:

– Using your About Us page to accentuate your brand identity

– Treat your website as the hub for all digital communications

– Write and design all pages for a consistent tone

We build on basic web building techniques with these concepts to help you be a cut above the competition. Because customers are making a subconscious evaluation of your products and services through your website and an impressive Digital DNA brings you that much closer to a sale.