As an industry, marketing is projected to grow by 6.4% new hires in 2019, stemming from many global changes in the previous year. 2018 saw many landmark changes in the field of marketing which will have a ripple effect leading into the New Year. Face book’s change in ad placement, the rise of influencer marketing and emerging digital technology are bound to impact corporate strategies in the immediate future. Unsurprisingly, the biggest shift is a turn away from traditional advertisements and towards content marketing: in 2018, a total of 70% of internet users want to learn about products through content placement versus traditional advertisements. This means that, for companies quick to embrace trends in digital marketing and content production, the future looks bright.

Building Brand Loyalty through Storytelling

The research on this front is surprisingly clear: authentic storytelling across multiple channels helps consumers identify with the target brand. Often, this means using various social media platforms to discuss your company’s history, mission, and day-to-day activities in the industry. Storytelling is especially important for start-ups and emerging companies, as it will give consumers the sense that they are a part of the company’s growth and development while your brand grows increasingly popular. There were numerous examples of this strategy in action over the Christmas period, but storytelling is something that can be used all year round. One good option is to engage in authentic storytelling is to film short live blogs and video status updates on social media. You can do this by using an action camera to film updates for consumers, which will showcase the company’s everyday life.

Changing Terms of Conditions

Many social media platforms, especially Facebook, are changing the terms and conditions for individualized ad placement, which will have a considerable impact on companies that rely on Facebook for niche advertisements. Face book’s goal is to maximize “meaningful interaction” between users and companies on the social media platform. This means that influencer marketing will continue to take a stronghold to foster a relationship between brands and consumers. It’s a good idea to find social media influencers with interests in your industry so that influencer advertisements for your company feel more natural to their audience. Brands can also boost loyalty through integrated advertising campaigns designed to humanize their company’s mission. Integrated advertising campaigns rely on a range of media platforms to reach target consumers for boosted brand recognition.

B2B Community Building

According to new marketing research, 23% of B2B marketers work on building community relationships in the industry. While it’s always important to keep an eye on competing brands in your industry, your company will also grow a bigger following through mutual collaboration. B2B community building is absolutely essential for emerging start-ups to gain a following within their chosen industry, as it helps boosts name recognition across the field. One way to network in the industry to attend conferences and events, but you can also do this via social media.

Marketing is constantly changing to keep up with new technologies and user preferences. For local and emerging companies, an integrated marketing strategy will elevate your brand recognition as your company grows to take the center stage.