E-marketing is the process of marketing goods and services through the medium of the internet. It refers to the process of marketing using the internet, which includes all spheres that involve using the internet, including mail and wireless media. This marketing technique is based on digital technologies and is facilitated by the increased used of the internet in our lives. It uses the era of digitalization to enable businesses to connect with their potential customers and thus increase the customer base of the organization.

It is also known as digital marketing and is an integral part of marketing with positive future prospects. It is also a very important part of Integrated Marketing Communications which enables an organization to grow across various channels of marketing. Diversifying the marketing strategies across different fields enables a company to cater to a wide range of audiences and also gives the organization greater access to people from diverse backgrounds with varied tastes and needs.

The various advantages of e-marketing include an increase in return on investments and an increase in the ROI ratio as compared to the use of traditional marketing methods as the use of e-marketing as it helps in the increase of sales revenue, thus increasing profits of the company also.

Another important advantage of this marketing method is the very low cost and highly effective marketing that enables the company to cater to a wider section of the audience at a lower cost. It also helps the company is experiencing quick and recorded results which can easily be measured in numerical terms as this type of marketing helps the business to focus mainly on their target audience and thus achieve tangible results. Thus, e-marketing plays an integral role in today’s fast-paced world where people have minimal time for themselves and this type of marketing also makes it easier for the consumers.