Mobile Marketing: As an increasing number of people conduct business via mobile phones, merchants have new opportunities. However, there needs to be a balance when it comes to marketing this way. A common mistake that some small business owners make involves pushing too hard for sales, which actually causes a potential customer to run the other way.

Marketing: People who use mobile phones to purchase products and/or services are actually willing to provide personal information with merchants when offered discounts or coupons in exchange. Although this opens a door of opportunity, small business owners must navigate mobile marketing carefully.

Helpful Marketing Tips: Use the mobile marketing tips provided here to help you grow your business. Ultimately, you gain new customers, which leads to greater credit card processing transactions.

Focus on the Customer Experience—For starters, consider the way that consumers interact with mobile devices, to better understand their behavior. The goal is to make things easy for the customer, which includes offering an earlier loading site and providing information that can be found quickly and easily. In addition, be sure that messages appear on all screen sizes by optimizing specifically for mobile devices.

Push but Not Too Hard—Another mobile marketing tip is to push the customer, but not too hard. People who use mobile devices to shop online want information but, in this case, you need to use push technology carefully. To push information out to customers, you need to pay attention to how different customers respond. Only those who make purchases should continue receiving pushed-through messages. Otherwise, your efforts become more of an annoyance.

Always Respect Privacy—Over the past few years, the number of people concerned about personal information being leaked has skyrocketed. Therefore, use programs for marketing that respect privacy, and always post a privacy clause where it is visible to people who receive your marketing messages.

Promotional Giveaways—An excellent way to use mobile marketing is to give something away. Even for existing customers, once a purchase goes through the credit card processor, acknowledge the sale and offer a discount coupon, free upgrade, or some other promotional item.