Immersive technology refers to the technology which attempts to create a parallel of a physical world by the means of a digital world or a simulated world simply by creating a surrounding sensory feeling thereby leading to the creation of a sense of emulsion.

In simple words, immersive technology is the technology that has the power to extend reality or create a new reality by leveraging the 360-degree space. Since this technology leverages the 360 space, users of the technology can see in any direction and look out for content.

Some of these immersive technologies also extend reality and leverages the complete sphere with the help of overlapping digital images on a user’s environment. While other technologies do the same by completely shutting a user from the physical and real-world and transferring them to a virtual world. The various types of immersive technologies available to the users are as follows:

1. 360 immersive technology: This technology is the most simple and basic technology available. Nowadays, content created by 360 is widely available across the internet on various platforms like Facebook and YouTube. The content on these platforms can be user-generated or even brand-sponsored. This adds wings to the imagination of content developers as they can now create content visible everywhere. 

2. Virtual reality technology: This technology uses the mechanism of completely shutting the user from the rest of the world and transferring him/her to a virtual world where he/she is surrounded by content. With the help of a head-mounted display the content that the user sees turns into reality, making it easy for users to experience both real and imaginative worlds together. 

Thus, immersive technology has become a huge part of our lives as people begin to be dependent on technology and also find reality through the means of technology.