E-Commerce refers to the commercial transactions that happen over the internet. It simply means the use of the internet to undergo various commercial transactions, whether between consumers or traders or producers and more.

It has been made possible only by the increasing use of the internet in all fields today and shows the adoption of technology that commerce has done in recent years to adapt to the changes happening in the new era. It has made it very easy for transactions to take place and has also paved the way for global commercial transactions as it has connected people across the globe who are bound by the internet.

Affiliate marketing is the use of a promotional model that aims at connecting merchants to various independent marketers who are willing to invest both time and money to sell a merchant’s products.

This model is focused on providing a link between the marketers and the merchants those of whom who want to collaborate with each other for commercial purposes like buying and selling of the products that the merchant deals in. in simpler terms, affiliate marketing connects a business with a product that is up for sale to a marketer who can take the responsibility of getting those products sold in the market. This concept of marketing is based on performance and is performance-driven.

Thus, affiliates are paid by the advertisers only when they become successful in delivering a specified customer action that they have already been promised by the affiliates to the advertisers. Considering and talking in the context of e-commerce which has increased avenues for the people to trade among themselves, this action of affiliate marketing is very similar to that of an online purchase and thus the cost involved in this action is minimum. Thus, this affiliate marketing method is very cost-effective.