Conversational marketing is also known as conversation marketing is based on a feedback-oriented approach of marketing used by companies in order to drive conversation and engagement with the customers along with developing customer loyalty for the particular brand.

This kind of marketing helps the companies create a customer base and this enables them to increase their sales thereby increasing their revenue in the long run. It is because of this benefit that conversational marketing has become a very important marketing tool in today’s times when there is cut-throat competition in all fields and it is marketing only that helps in the differentiation of companies in terms of the consumer base.

This kind of marketing tends to move the customers towards a particular brand as it funnels the establishment of a real-time relationship between the customer and the company. It creates authentic experiences for the customers wherein they can experience the interaction and conversational promotion that happens with the seller.

This kind of promotion helps in the clearance of all doubts of the customers as it becomes very easy for the customer to put forth his queries and the seller can respond to them. Conversational marketing essentially caters to three major areas being engaged, understand and recommend. Engage simply means the manner of the seller inducing a conversation and entering into an interactive way of marketing with the buyer.

This helps in the establishment of a relationship between the two. Understand is the process whereby the seller tries to understand and comprehend the needs of the buyer after engaging with what the buyer is looking for.

The last step in recommending in which the seller recommends to the buyer the most appropriate product that he/she must purchase that will best suit his/her needs to provide to him/her the maximum satisfaction. Thus, conversational marketing helps maximize consumer satisfaction by means of finding the most appropriate product.