Business Growth is the stage where the business reaches that point of expansion and seeks additional options for generating more profit. Business growth is a function of every business’s lifecycle, industry growth trends, as well as the owners, desire for equity value creation.

Business growth capital is essential for all scale-up minded businesses.  Choosing the right business growth capital for your business takes expertise along with market knowledge- as no two companies are the same.  Choose correctly, and your growth starts. Choose poorly and it could prove to be a disaster. Rather than fit your capital needs to a pre-existing structure, smart companies usually design their own structure to mitigate various risks. 

Business growth is a very important function of resource availability and often requires an upfront investment.  Whether it be an acquisition or a business investment, it pays to be conservative in projecting returns over time. Choosing the right business growth capital comes down to those who follow the following mentioned variables:

  • The size of the capital raise.
  • The cost of capital
  • The flexibility of capital.
  • The term structure of capital.

These four variables must be carefully optimized which suits your requirements in the best possible manner to arrive at the best business growth capital solution. The best possible manner will be the one that maximizes the profit of the business as businesses work primarily to create profit.  Most companies use advisors for evaluating as well as sourcing capital, due to the criticality of the job. 

Each of these variables is the carefully solved with market intelligence as well as dealt with making expertise. The end result of using the variables is a business growth capital solution that satisfies all your unique needs and also allows you to scale-up vision to your flight and achieve the best possible results.