Executive branding refers to the use of various marketing techniques by an executive to showcase their professional skills and display their professional strengths in order to attract the best available career opportunities. This is the process by which executives use multiple marketing tactics to present them with possessing good traits and skills that are required by an employment opportunity in order to grab that opportunity and avail the benefits of the same.

This is also called reputation management. It is called so because it helps a person in managing their reputation in front of the employment providing agency and they have the power to create a positive image in front of them to use this creation of a positive image to their advantage. Everyone must have basic knowledge about this technique to avail of the best opportunities that can be exploited by that person by the virtue of their skills.

Corporate branding, on the other hand, refers to the promotion and marketing of a corporate entity as opposed to a product or service or even an individual, as in the aforementioned case. It uses various marketing techniques and methods to market a particular corporate and attract people towards that company.

The techniques of marketing that are used for corporate branding are very different for the ones used to market a product, a service or a person as the scope of corporate branding is larger than the branding of all other things. Another striking difference between corporate branding and other brandings is the use of absolutely different marketing methods.

While marketing other things, there are chances that the marketing methods of the competitors can be adopted, however, incorporate branding, the company has to devise absolutely unique marketing strategies to achieve the best results.

Thus, both executive and corporate branding aim at marketing the designated people and companies to achieve positive results.