Marketing on social media is all about getting attention and engagement, and one effective way to get attention on a platform is to use images that make people stop and take an interest. The following tips can help you choose images to stand out in an online world where people are constantly looking for the next thing to click on.

Go against the grain. Grainy, pixelated images on a Face book post or blog are going to turn people off, no matter how artistic they may be or how relevant they are to the content. Always use high-quality images that are clear and crisp to ensure people will continue looking at your post.

Tell a story. Your images should not only be relevant to your content, but they should also tell a story. Not everyone who comes to your page is going to read the entire post—and in many cases, they won’t read much of it at all—so you want to ensure your message is conveyed as much as possible via the imagery you use.

Be relatable. If your content is geared toward Generation Z, you don’t want to choose a photo filled with Baby Boomers. Think about the people you’re trying to reach and find images which those people can relate to. Your target audience will be more likely to read and engage your messages if they can identify with the photos or graphics you choose.

Give a piece of the action. Photos with action in them get people excited about the content they’re reading. Whether you’re discussing the best restaurants in your city or the most scenic hiking trails, choose a photo that depicts the relevant action.

Give it a tweak. Remember that you can manipulate and customize stock photos to your own liking. Don’t be afraid to tweak colors, add text, or crop images if it helps enhance your message and tell your story.

No matter what strategy you use for image selection, be sure you choose those which are appropriate for your post, target, and message. They’ll help ensure your social media program is meaningful and your audience will engage.