Voice search is a technology that has the power to recognize speech and this allows users to search using their voices. This means that users can search for things online by their voice command, simply by saying the stuff they want to search aloud. This technological boon has made it extremely easy for users to surf things online.

This facility is now available mostly on easily portable devices like a smartphone or an iPad and is only limited to certain new models of laptops. This limitation is because for voice search to be active, it is imperative that the device has a microphone as it is only with the help of a microphone that voice search works properly.

In the age of digitalization, we have seen a rapid increase in the number of smartphones and iPads the need for voice search has increased as it is way more convenient as compared to a written search.

The option of voice search being activated has also helped some handicapped people, like blind people as it has now opened options for online surfing and thus an extension of services is considered a boon to the industry. A smart speaker, like Amazon’s Alexa, is a speaker who functions primarily on the voice of the person as they come with an integrated virtual assistant which has to capacity to act according to the voice instructions.

A smart speaker offers to its owners an interactive and a handsfree experience which is usually activated by a hot word like Hello Alexa for Amazon’s Alexa. These voice modulated devices are indeed very helpful as they provide search and speaker options executed at the voice of the owner of these devices.

This is indeed a great development that the technological world has reached and its something that all of us must be extremely proud of as our generation has managed to extend these services to the voice of individuals.